Elite Glitz Galaxy

The Beauty Pageant with Personality for girls and ladies!

                                      Pageant Outline

Ages: all (females only)

Age Groups: 0-18 months, 18 months - 3yr, 4-5 yr, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16+

Pageant Style: Full-blown glitz encouraged

Supreme Breakdown: 0-5, 6-12, 13+

Mandatory Event: Beauty (up to 90 seconds)

Optional Events (for Supreme and Overalls): Casualwear, Out-of-Choice Pro-Am and Photogenic (Headshots only for Open-State)

Cash Event: Jackpot Elite-$50 to compete in this Side Competition

Black catsuit (any combo of black dance wear with a modeling accessory - jacket/scarf) - emphasis on modeling not outfit

Up to 2.5 minutes each for Casualwear, OOC and Jackpot


Contestants may only be awarded one title maximum

1 Ultimate Grand = Highest Combined Score throughout all ages

2 Grand Supremes=Highest Combined Score (below UG) age zero to 12 and age 13+

3 Beauty Supremes = Combines Beauty and Photo Scores

3 Personality Supremes = Combines Casualwear and Choice Outfit

1 Overall Most Beautiful = Highest Facial Beauty Score

1 Overall Model = Highest Casualwear

1 Overall Dream Star = Highest Outfit of Choice

Division Beauty (1 per age group)

On-stage recognition for: Division Winners in Casualwear, OOC, Photo


Crowning is now Saturday not Sunday!

                                       EGG Details

Group line-up is before every on-stage event:

Beauty: our MC will seranade each contestant

Casualwear and OOC: *Personality-Plus

*Personality-Plus: Before a non-beauty modeling event: our MC will cue contestants participating, while on-stage in line-up

Step 1. Pose appropriate to chosen outfit (ie in Casualwear - perhaps a model stance; in OOC - be creative)

Step 2. Perform one move (does not have to be from actual routine) relating to category - no gymnastics during Personality Plus for safety, please!

Step 3. Pose faced away from Judges

Step 4. Pose facing judges and Exit



Elite Glitz Galaxy emphasizes a Total Package Glitz contestant with great personality!

                                         Jackpot Elite

Jackpot Elite is an extra event for registered contestants. The idea of this jackpot is the prize is determined by the amount of contestants entered.

Contest Rules:

Perform an Improvisational Pro-Am routine


-contestants entered in Jackpot must wear a black cat-suit with a jacket or scarf modeling accessory (outfit can be plain or glitzed up!)

            -Registered Jackpot contestants numbers will be pulled in random order and perform to random music (music will be various genres and decades)



Children under the age of two will have a parent or guardian on stage. Judging is modified for age suitability.